Champion is such a strong word. That’s what our Horizon League first place trophy says on it. It says CHAMPION, big bold black letters, all caps.

That’s what we are. Today, we beat Butler to win the Horizon League tournament. This team is a team of champions.

It was anything but easy. The first game both pitchers had a no hitter until the 7th inning. Butler won on a walk-off home run in the bottom of the 7th. It was an awful loss. It felt horrible, but that feeling was enough to make us come out the second game knowing we weren’t going to let them win again. The second game got delayed in the bottom of the 5th and after a day of over 6 hours of softball, we found out we would finish the game today.

We resumed the game from the 5th inning. We resumed the game knowing that we would end up winning. I could feel my teammates energy. I could feel that we knew we would do it.


This team deserves this and more.

Now onto regionals…

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Mother Nature Hates Us

We are currently in Green Bay, WI, patiently waiting for the rain to stop. Today we had two games scheduled against the Phoenix’s, but the lack of sun and constant rain got in the way of our contests. Tomorrow, we are planning to play at 11 and 1.

Whoever is doing the rain dance, please stop :).

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Award Winning Flames!

Last night was the annual awards banquet for UIC athletics and softball had a big presence this year!  The awards are as follows…

Athletic Honor Roll: Devin, Melissa, Kara, Melinda, Claire, and Christie

Female Athlete of the Year: Coryn

Highest Team GPA: Coryn

Port Award: Claire

We are all so proud of you girls!  Keep up the hard work!

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Senior Day

Hello Followers! As a Junior Flame I have played with the 2011 seniors for three wonderful years.  We have become such a family (really, we all live together).  I have gathered some teammates thoughts in honor of these wonderful girls. You will be missed!

#1 Carly DeMarco

“Carly has always inspired me to get better everyday, and come with a positive attitude.”

“Carly ‘GSH’ DeMarco”

“So many memories! I’ve had so much fun and thanks for the amazing nickname!!”

#6 Christie Seddon

” Seddie has been my role model throughout my UIC career. Truly an inspirational teammate, student, and friend.”

“Seddie, you so fast gurl.”

“You will be missed! Thank you for being such a wonderful friend!”

#12 Claire Donyanavard

“If Claire’s s around, you are guaranteed to be smiling.”

“Claire was always there for me when I needed someone.”

“Claire you have the scariest look in your eye when you hit.”

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Miss 300!

Congratulations to Devin Miller who had her 300th career strike out as a sophomore last weekend.  This easily puts Devin into the record book, but I have a feeling their will be plenty more to come!  GO DEVIN!

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Who’s That Baby (Part 2)

This gallery contains 10 photos.

Finally the time is here! I know it seems like forever since Who’s That Baby (Part 1), but get pumped because Who’s That Baby (Part 2) won’t let you down.  Guess Away. This head coach would have a hard time … Continue reading

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Rain Rain Go Away

Saturday’s games were cancelled due to awful weather conditions.  Rain always seems to get in the way of softball.  Sunday, there was no rain, and the Flames took advantage of the nice weather, beating Detroit in both games.

Our next game will be Wednesday, against Northwestern, on our home turf.

Bring it on Northwestern.

OH! and soon to come is Who’s That Baby (Part 2), so stick around…

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